2012 Beekeeping Season is in full force and is happening with a few extra hands this year to keep the bees of Seattle Bee Works healthy and happy.

In early Spring 2012, twelve apprentices were selected from a stack of applications to participate in the inaugural apprenticeship program offered by Seattle Bee Works.  So far it has been a lot of fun to share my knowledge of beekeeping, and to see the apprentices grow in their beekeeping skills as the season progresses.

With a community of Seattle Bee Works Hive Hosts and the addition of Seattle Bee Works Apprentices, the buzz about bees is growing louder!

Apprentice (Sheila) checks a hive

Seattle Bee Works’ Apprenticeships are a year long opportunity to learn the skills of beekeeping in exchange for the field experience of managing active hives.

Please contact krista@seattlebeeworks if interested in applying for future apprenticeship opportunities with Seattle Bee Works.