A sticky situation for sure… having honey all over your hands.  This is a normal occurence in extracting honey, despite your best efforts otherwise.

Amy Lassen, a Seattle Bee Works apprentice, perfects her technique of uncapping a honeycomb frame

Today’s honey harvest event was a lot of fun and we extracted close to 800 pounds of honey! That’s a lot of work (by the bees) and us  beekeepers to extract it!  They say a teaspoon of honey requires the life’s work of 12 bees.  There’s 96 teaspoons in a pound, so… at least 76, 800 bees made today’s harvest possible. Thank you bees!

Seattle Bee Works and West Seattle Produce co-hosted the event and there was a steady stream of visitors to the tent all day long. First they smelled the honey, then they saw the honey, then they tasted it – and bam! they were hooked.  Our West Seattle Honey jars were flying off the shelf!

Seattle Bee Works apprentices showed up in full force to help out with the event and tried their hand at uncapping of honey frames (this is the step before the frame goes into the extractor – where the honey gets flung out of the comb).

What a great way to spend the day, focused on honey, bees and with good company!