Most folks look a little nervous when I tell them a full operating beehive holds around 50,000 bees.  Even so,  many are interested in “hive hosting” (providing space for a hive) in a back, or sideyard for Seattle Bee Works to manage.
In Seattle, municpal code allows up to 4 hives on a standard sized parcel (with some fine print stipulations which avoid creating nuisances for your neighbors).  And, even with the max of 4 hives at full capacity with bees,  hive hosts of Seattle Bee Works’ hives find the bees unobtrusive, are fun to watch, and boost the bounty from their gardens.

I thought I’d share some pictures shared by Seattle Bee Works’ hive hosts to show how unobtrusive a backyard hive can be. Even during an active hive inspection (by the friendly beekeepers of Seattle Bee Works), homeowners are able to enjoy their backyards and observe the hive inspection process.  Checkout the Hive Hosting or Hive Share Programs offered by Seattle Bee Works to see about hosting a hive in your backyard.


"Baby Bear" playing in the yard during hive inspection









Hive on a hill overlooking grilling patio