Feedback received from 2012 interns – is all Five Stars!!


“Really wonderful experience, Krista’s love and enthusiasm for bees, bee keeping and teaching about bees continues to be an inspiration. In addition, sharing knowledge, experiences and fun with other interns has been a blast.”

“It’s a great way to start your learning about keeping bees or accelerate your learning if you only have one or two hives.  Krista provides a variety of opportunities including discussion, meetings, independent research, and a plethora of hand’s on time in hives.  In one bee year you can deal with a wide range of typical bee scenarios that might otherwise take many years to experience.”


“This will help you get more comfortable with beekeeping and introduce you to the community. Be sure to be ready to do everything and take advantage of all the opportunities.”

“I gained the hands-on experience and confidence that no class or book can provide.”