About us

Founder Krista Conner began beekeeping in 2007 with just two beehives stationed in a friend’s garden.

Krista’s fascination with bees and beekeeping began as a distraction from medical treatments she received for breast cancer in 2006. While still absorbing the news of cancer, she found relief in an offhand conversation and discovering that her co-worker was a beekeeper.  Harry Edwards (of 50000bees.com fame) described how he managed hives in his Seattle backyard. Graciously, Harry offered her the chance to tag along on one of his hive inspections.

Unbeknownst to her at the time, this hive inspection would be a life changing event for Krista. While visiting the bees for the first time, she was amazed by many things. The first of which was the fact that someone could manage beehives and harvest honey right from their urban backyard.  The experience of actually going in the hive started a cascade of amazement with honeybees which continues to this day for Krista.  By the end of her first hive visit, there were no stings, just total fascination with honeybees and the ability to tend them.

 Before she left, and even before Harry offered her a jar of honey, Krista was asking about requirements to get started (equipment, costs and ways to learn more).  Krista was going to make this hobby her own…and she didn’t even have a backyard of her own!

Instrumental to Krista’s success and growth as a beekeeper have been Puget Sound Beekeepers Association, where she has served in various leadership positions, including  President of the organization 2013-4 and Vice President 2009-12. Local beekeeper, Tim Celeski (of Beegeek.com fame) has been Krista’s beekeeping mentor and advisor from the very beginning. In addition, Krista is a certified Journeyman Beekeeper through Washington State and is a member of the Washington Honey Bee Work Group, advising legislators on ways to improve the health of honey bees and the industry of beekeeping in Washington State.

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