Seattle Bee Works, LLC

About Us

Seattle Bee Works offers honey sales and learning opportunities for Seattle beekeepers and bee lovers.  With the goal of raising awareness for the important role honeybees have in our food supply and environment, founder Krista Conner has been beekeeping since 2007, starting with just two hives in a friend’s backyard in Seattle.

Seattle Bee Works’ pure raw honey is unique in its flavors of Seattle, unmatched by any other honey in the world. Sourced from beehives located in Seattle’s backyards, the tasty results include honey varieties: Wildflower, Blackberry and Knottweed (Krista’s favorite). Seattle Bee Works honey, and its “West Seattle Honey” brand can be purchased through local retail outlets as well as direct from the beekeeper herself.

Our Honey

Seattle Bee Works honey is pure and raw,  unique in its flavors of Seattle and unmatched by any other honey in the world.  The Seattle Bee Works brand includes West Seattle Honey which is sourced from hives in West Seattle.

Seattle Bee Works Beekeeping Practices are antibiotic free which ensures our honey is pure and supports the health of bees and humans.  Given the start of Krista’s interest in beekeeping emerged via her diagnosis of cancer, she’s focused on avoiding impacts from chemicals and opting for organic products in her day to day life.  She applies this same focus to her beekeeping practices when applying supplemental feeding to the bees or when choosing a mite control method. For more info on Krista’s beekeeping practices, check out the beelog!