saturday hive check

Checked the hives on saturday

Hive #1 had alot of traffic of bees coming and going. Saw eggs and pupae and the second box I’d added was filling out nicely. I added a third box to it just to be safe…the second box had 7 frames with comb on it already and from what I’ve read that is the sign to add a new box. I am thinking I need to order more hive equipment now…will check with my mentor.

Hive #2 still seemed to have low traffic comparatively, but I was successful in seeing the queen and eggs and pupae…all very very good things to find, considering the shape this hive was in before the swarm was injected. The bees seemed quite loud, and the second box had only one frame that had been drawn upon, thus I didn’t see any need to provide additional space just yet.

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