More equipment

I have been scoping out the method/device that I will be using (in the Fall) to clear the bees from the honey. Basically the idea is how to get the bees out of the boxes that I will be pulling off of the hive in order to extract the honey. There are various methods from what I understand. These include fuming the bees out, which I dont think I like that concept- you risk contaminating the honey with whatever is used to fume them with (some sort of smelly chemical or natural component). I wouldn’t like this if I were a bee, so I don’t think I will choose this method. The other methods include:
An Escape Board – which is a specially designed board that is placed below the hive boxes that are to be removed…the bees in the box can leave, but they can’t return very easily.
A blower – somehow rigging up a leaf blower or something similar to blow the bees out of the boxes being removed. (one of our club members uses this method, but I’ve never seen it in person).
Brush – a bee brush can be used to manually, and lightly, brush any bees off of each frame in a box being removed…this is obviously more time consuming.

In researching the escape boards, I found this site which has some pretty intricate designs. I think I am going to try to make the triangle escape

but, I won’t need it till the fall. I first gotta get my additional hives and frames built. My mentor offered up his nail gun/garage and assistance, so perhaps this will go more quickly than last time, and my condo neighbors will probably appreciate it too.

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