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More equipment

I have been scoping out the method/device that I will be using (in the Fall) to clear the bees from the honey. Basically the idea is how to get the bees out of the boxes that I will be pulling […]

checked the good hive last thursday

This hive is booming! it is four boxes high now with the top most box having drawn comb activity on all frames (but not fully drawn out yet). There was honey, no brood in this top box. The Second box […]

weekly hive check

I went in the problem hive quickly on monday to see what was going on.There was still very little progress, two boxes, perhaps 5-6 frames with comb drawn between both boxes, few eggs, some brood, and some capped brood, and […]

Pollinator Partnership Home

Pollinator Partnership Home

Swarm patrol

Yesterday, Tim called and said he’d received a swarm call…and I got to go along for the adventure!We drove to burien, which is about 20 min south of seattle and found in someone’s front yard a soccer ball sized swarm […]

saturday hive check

Checked the hives on saturday Hive #1 had alot of traffic of bees coming and going. Saw eggs and pupae and the second box I’d added was filling out nicely. I added a third box to it just to be […]

pictures- finally!

one of my co-workers, Sean, offered up his photography skills (and curiosity) to brave a visit to my beehives! thanks sean!(i’ll need to correct the positioning of the pictures later…) The smoker preparation The beesuit preparation (this is when the […]

pollinator protection

make your yard pollinator friendly

I got a swarm!

I received one that is…The last couple of weeks have been somewhat busy and seattle is finally seeing some truly warm weather (85+). On memorial day weekend I spent most of saturday afternoon with my mentor as we visted another […]