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Beautiful Bees in October

A Recent hive check at the Queen Ann apiary was simply beautiful. A sunny, blue-sky day in October with bees flying over the greenbelt of blackberries (done with their bloom), and seasoned apprentices working the hives. Pictured here is Kim, […]

A Sticky Situation…

A sticky situation for sure… having honey all over your hands.  This is a normal occurence in extracting honey, despite your best efforts otherwise. Amy Lassen, a Seattle Bee Works apprentice, perfects her technique of uncapping a honeycomb frame Today’s […]

What’s it like to have 50,000 bees living in your backyard?

Most folks look a little nervous when I tell them a full operating beehive holds around 50,000 bees.  Even so,  many are interested in “hive hosting” (providing space for a hive) in a back, or sideyard for Seattle Bee Works to manage. In Seattle, municpal […]