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Real or Fake honey

West Seattle Honey is sourced from hives in Seattle.  Knowing where your honey is sourced is imperative, else you could end up with fake honey which is prevalent when honey is imported.  Can you spot the fake honey?  The “imitation […]

2013 Beekeeping has begun

This past weekend, we were blessed with beautiful blue skies and sun in Seattle, so the 2013 apprentices kicked off their season with a post mortem on a “deadout” hive (a colony that didn’t make it through winter). Apprentices who […]

A trip to the “bee spa”

Seattle Bee Works and apprentices traveled out to the “bee spa”  (a local farm) to pickup several hives and return them to Seattle, after having the benefit of an extended foraging period beyond the blackberry flow offered in Seattle. The Seattle Bee […]

What’s it like to have 50,000 bees living in your backyard?

Most folks look a little nervous when I tell them a full operating beehive holds around 50,000 bees.  Even so,  many are interested in “hive hosting” (providing space for a hive) in a back, or sideyard for Seattle Bee Works to manage. In Seattle, municpal […]

2012 Seattle Bee Works Beekeeping Apprentice Program is the Buzz!

2012 Beekeeping Season is in full force and is happening with a few extra hands this year to keep the bees of Seattle Bee Works healthy and happy. In early Spring 2012, twelve apprentices were selected from a stack of applications to participate in the inaugural apprenticeship program offered […]

Honeybee hive check

Hive check

Honeybees on frame

A frame of honeybees

Krista examines a frame of honeybees. Thank you to Dan Cole for his beautiful photography.

Assembling bee hive frames

Assembling hive frames

One of the endless jobs of a beekeeper is assembling hive equipment.