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Keeping bees happy is  at the heart of Seattle Bee Works’ operations.  

With beehives located across the city since 2007, Seattle Bee Works bees forage on Seattle’s bounty of plants and flowers.  Thanks to an increased focus in locally produced food by Seattle’s homeowners our honeybees can stay local too.

Urban bees need beekeepers AND backyards though - so if you are a homeowner interested in offering space in your yard for a beehive (or two, or three or four!) Seattle Bee Works and our team of beekeepers would love to help out. Checkout the options below and get in touch!

Or, if you just want a unique experience with honey bees, why not invite your sweetie on a beekeeping “date”?  While peering into hives and feeling the safe swarm of dozens of busy buzzers, you’ll learn enough apprentice-level information to start your own honey-filled hobby!


Hive Hosting Program for homeowners in Seattle.

  • This program is suited for the homeowner who wants honeybees around for pollinating a garden and wants to enjoy watching the bees come and go from the hive.
  • Hive installation and maintenance is provided by the Seattle Bee Works team of beekeepers for a seasonal fee
  • Each “hive host”  receives a portion of local honey.
  • Two to four hives are the typical number of hives placed at a single site.
  • Hive hosting contracts are secured each spring.  Please get in touch for  consideration in 2015.


Hive Share Program for beekeepers in Seattle.

  • This program is for the new beekeeper who wants the experience of inspecting hives alongside a seasoned beekeeper
  • Whether it’s your hive or ours, hive share participants receive a basic level of knowledge and guidance in hive management as experienced during each hive inspection.
  • Surplus honey is shared between the participant and Seattle Bee Works commensurate to amount of time spent managing the hive
  • Hive installation and beekeeping education is provided for a seasonal fee
  • One to four hives can be placed at a homeowner’s property.



  • Seattle Bee Works offers an internship for up and coming beekeepers – NEW Seattle Bee Works was recently approved to offer an On-Farm Internship in  Washington State University’s Cultivating Success Program!
  • Interns accepted into Seattle Bee Works Internship and completing all requirements will receive 6 CEUs
  • Interns receive instruction both  hive side and in group workshops, gaining an understanding of hive management strategies
  • Beekeepers with more experience develop through beekeeping projects or research to advance their learning about bees and beekeeping.
  • Read Testimonials from previous interns



Beekeeping Consulting/Mentoring - for beekeepers:

  • Krista is in her 7th season of keeping bees and is a certified Journeyman Beekeeper through Washington State. Additionally, she is the President of Puget Sound Beekeeper’s Association.
  • Consultation fee:  $85/hr or barter.
  • Contact Seattle Bee Works for consulting or mentoring.


Speaking Events – For garden groups, schools or other engagements:

  • Seattle Bee Works is available to give educational presentations on bees and beekeeping to schools, garden clubs, or anyone who cares about bees
  • Fee negotiable

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