Honeybee hive check

Hive check

Honeybees on frame

A frame of honeybees

Krista examines a frame of honeybees. Thank you to Dan Cole for his beautiful photography.

Assembling bee hive frames

Assembling hive frames

One of the endless jobs of a beekeeper is assembling hive equipment.

What can you do to help bees?

Members of PSBA educating on bees at the West Seattle Sustainability Fest, June 5, 2010. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the West Seattle Sustainability Festival, in the Puget Sound Beekeepers booth. Our club was there selling our club’s honey […]

Hive Update June 2010

You may have noticed in my twitter feed that my latest check of my 4 hives has yielded some sad news- 2 hives dead, 1 has a laying worker. The remaining hive is well, but is the one I started […]

Pics from Summer 2009

Here’s some great pics by Dan Cole: Ada Cole and I visiting the Admiral Hive. View more of the pictures at Dan’s site- here Pointing at the queen! My Favorite shot:

Another season under my beekeeping belt…

Not many blog entries this year, but attempted “tweeting” as a way of recording my hive activities and passing along other tidbits of info on beekeeping. (See tweet feed on right side of this screen). Feel free to follow me […]

New Season of bees

I again have 4 hives this year, didn’t have any survive last winter…which is my #1 goal this coming year. I left plenty of honey for their winter food but I dont think there were enough bees to cluster and […]

I’m a lazy beekeeper

well, not really, I am behind on my chores though. Primarily due to not having enough equipment put together to manage 4 hives. I scheduled the extractor rental for the last weekend in october. I need to go by my […]

my honey at husky deli in west seattle


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East Tennessee is my home and I really can't begin to express how painful it is to watch the news and see the impact of the devastating fires. Please keep the people of the Gatlinburg area in your thoughts and prayers as they begin to assess the damage and start the clean up process. If you don't live in the area and would like to help in some small way, you can make an easy $10 donation to American Red Cross by texting "REDCROSS" to 90999

Many people don't know that Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the few national parks that doesn't charge entrance fees. Over 9 million visitors per year get to enjoy the park for free. Many of the park improvements are funded by Friends of the Smokies due to the lack of entrance fee revenue. Please consider a small donation to @smokiesfriends - they will be heavily involved in the restoration of the park.
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