Honeybee hive check

Hive check

Honeybees on frame

A frame of honeybees

Krista examines a frame of honeybees. Thank you to Dan Cole for his beautiful photography.

Assembling bee hive frames

Assembling hive frames

One of the endless jobs of a beekeeper is assembling hive equipment.

What can you do to help bees?

Members of PSBA educating on bees at the West Seattle Sustainability Fest, June 5, 2010. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the West Seattle Sustainability Festival, in the Puget Sound Beekeepers booth. Our club was there selling our club’s honey […]

Hive Update June 2010

You may have noticed in my twitter feed that my latest check of my 4 hives has yielded some sad news- 2 hives dead, 1 has a laying worker. The remaining hive is well, but is the one I started […]

Pics from Summer 2009

Here’s some great pics by Dan Cole: Ada Cole and I visiting the Admiral Hive. View more of the pictures at Dan’s site- here Pointing at the queen! My Favorite shot:

Another season under my beekeeping belt…

Not many blog entries this year, but attempted “tweeting” as a way of recording my hive activities and passing along other tidbits of info on beekeeping. (See tweet feed on right side of this screen). Feel free to follow me […]

New Season of bees

I again have 4 hives this year, didn’t have any survive last winter…which is my #1 goal this coming year. I left plenty of honey for their winter food but I dont think there were enough bees to cluster and […]

I’m a lazy beekeeper

well, not really, I am behind on my chores though. Primarily due to not having enough equipment put together to manage 4 hives. I scheduled the extractor rental for the last weekend in october. I need to go by my […]

my honey at husky deli in west seattle