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the queen is in da house…

Yesterday around 5:45pm I returned to the hives to release the queens from their special cages.This involved opening each hive, removing the queen cage from between the frames, and prying out a small piece of cork that was keeping the […]


bee installation complete!

Yesterday I went to pickup “the girls”. They were in transit from california, destined for a fellow beekeeping club member’s home in bellevue, wa. which is about 25 minutes away. The bee van had not arrived upon me showing up, […]

They’re heeerrrre

Just learned that my bees are in transit from california. ETA is ~7pm or thereabouts. I will go pick them up in my car- in the trunk that is. I will have about 9lbs of bees in my trunk! I […]

busy weekend

This weekend it got quite warm, which allowed a visit to my mentor’s beehives for my “training” session. I also checked on the status of the bees, coming from california, and the guy bringing them will have to coordinate closely […]

me in my hive suit and frames (that the bees draw comb upon)