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saturday hive check

Checked the hives on saturday Hive #1 had alot of traffic of bees coming and going. Saw eggs and pupae and the second box I’d added was filling out nicely. I added a third box to it just to be […]

pictures- finally!

one of my co-workers, Sean, offered up his photography skills (and curiosity) to brave a visit to my beehives! thanks sean!(i’ll need to correct the positioning of the pictures later…) The smoker preparation The beesuit preparation (this is when the […]

make your yard pollinator friendly

pollinator protection

I got a swarm!

I received one that is…The last couple of weeks have been somewhat busy and seattle is finally seeing some truly warm weather (85+). On memorial day weekend I spent most of saturday afternoon with my mentor as we visted another […]

last hive check on tuesday

Went back to the “problem hive” on tuesday afternoon. I’d accidentally left my regular beesuit at home along with my hive tools, etc, since I’d cleaned out my trunk…so instead I used the XL version that I bought for visitors. […]

bees swarm spokane town hall

This is what I want to prevent as a beekeeper…

Last couple of visits

Last sunday my mentor, Tim, came to visit my hives to make sure everything was ok.I got to use the smoker for the first time on my hives…this warns the bees that you are about to visit. When they smell […]

Hive #2 checked on wednesday

Went back to hive #2 yesterday to see if I could see evidence of the queen. It wasn’t overly warm, but the sun was out. I noticed about equal amounts of traffic in/out of both hives. However, I still was […]

2nd visit to the hives

Today it was pretty sunny and decently warm so I went to check on the queen activities…checking to see if both had started laying eggs. I arrived around 1pm and checked hive 1 first. I worked from north to south […]