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Experiment in process

well, an experiment within the existing ‘beekeeping’ experiment for me… On saturday I went over to check the hives again, The “good”hive was still doing great, I only checked the top three boxes, the first two were mostly full of […]

Weekly hive check

Yesterday, Tim came over and checked my hives with me. See pics (courtesy his wife Leslie). Tim did alot of rearranging within the good hive. Basically he took some frames full of honey from the lower boxes and moved them […]

A bee’s life

here’s a picture showing the lifecycle of a bee. Click on it to see it up close. I particularly like the day 21 activities of..”clean cells and loaf”. This diagram was provided by Jerry Mixon, who also made my hive […]

A beekeeper’s job is never done

I am back to preparing more boxes and frames for expanding at least the good hive for now. I went to Tim’s on sunday since he has a workshop with a nailgun, etc. Together in a couple-three hours we were […]


These were from a hive visit on 7/19. Jin Lai (from work) is narrating and running the camera.The first hive was still booming, ready for another box.The second hive was still pitiful, few capped brood (worker bee), didnt see eggs […]

More equipment

I have been scoping out the method/device that I will be using (in the Fall) to clear the bees from the honey. Basically the idea is how to get the bees out of the boxes that I will be pulling […]

checked the good hive last thursday

This hive is booming! it is four boxes high now with the top most box having drawn comb activity on all frames (but not fully drawn out yet). There was honey, no brood in this top box. The Second box […]

weekly hive check

I went in the problem hive quickly on monday to see what was going on.There was still very little progress, two boxes, perhaps 5-6 frames with comb drawn between both boxes, few eggs, some brood, and some capped brood, and […]

Pollinator Partnership Home

Pollinator Partnership Home

Swarm patrol

Yesterday, Tim called and said he’d received a swarm call…and I got to go along for the adventure!We drove to burien, which is about 20 min south of seattle and found in someone’s front yard a soccer ball sized swarm […]