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Update and pictures

I now have 4 hives, two in the same location as last year (queen ann) and two in west seattle- different properties.Last sunday was decently warm so I checked all 4 hives…saw eggs and brood in all four, and got […]

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Busy weekend

I’ve been getting ramped up for this season of beekeeping. I finally inspected my two hives from last year. Neither made it thru the winter, appeared as if the bees didnt survive the cold as there was no evidence of […]

Orchard Mason Bees

A new adventure in bees.In researching what it requires for my condo bldg to have a certified backyard habitat, I got to thinking about orchard mason bees. I thought it would be cool to install some in our backyard area, […]

On organic honey | By Umbra Fisk | Grist | Ask Umbra | 05 Mar 2008

On organic honey By Umbra Fisk Grist Ask Umbra 05 Mar 2008 I have wondered about this for a while, and while this article doesnt necessarily answer the question all that well (in my opinion), it raises some questions you […] U.S. U.S. interesting article about diseased bats. mentions bees and colony collapse disorder

Bee Fun facts

From this month’s edition of the puget sound beekeeping club’s newsletter: Honey Bee Fun Facts• Honeybees are the only bees that die after they sting.• Honey speeds the healing process and combats infections.• Honey never spoils.• It would take about […]

exciting weekend

This past weekend I gained some experience in moving a hive…a full hive! A fellow beekeeper decided to sell one of his hives and I agreed to purchase it…and thankfully Tim helped me move it. We did this on sunday…but […]

Sneak Preview of the honey

After much anticipation…and risking ruin of your surprise if you are a lucky recipient of my honey….Here’s a special preview.But first…to give proper, and well deserved credit* to my fabulous friend and designer, suze, who worked on the label design […]

The season of giving- give bees!

As the holiday season ramps up I am often asked what I’d like for christmas…I don’t really need much, but realize that others are not so fortunate.Did you know you can give the gift of bees??