• hive move day
  • Hive on a hill overlooking grilling patio
  • Apprentice (Sheila) checking hive
  • Honeybee hive check
  • Honeybees on frame
  • Assembling bee hive frames

Seattle Bee Works LLCSeattle Bee Works offers honey sales, hive hosting, and learning opportunities for Seattle beekeepers and bee lovers.  With the goal of raising awareness for the important role honeybees have in our food supply and environment, founder Krista Conner has been beekeeping since 2007, starting with just two hives in a friend’s backyard in Seattle.

Seattle Bee Works’ pure raw honey is unique in its flavors of Seattle, unmatched by any other honey in the world. Sourced from beehives located in Seattle’s backyards, the tasty results include honey varieties: Wildflower, Blackberry and Knottweed (Krista’s favorite). Seattle Bee Works honey, and its “West Seattle Honey” brand can be purchased through local retail outlets as well as direct from the beekeeper herself.


The Beekeeper’s Dream – Flow Hive

My inbox has been inundated with friends giving me awareness to, and asking questions about Flow Hive TM and whether this setup is for real, whether it will work, do I want to purchase one, etc. Well, here is what I think: I […]

2013 Swarm Season is HERE!

This week marked consistently warm temperatures in Seattle (close to 70 degrees) after a long bout of cool rainy weather. For bees (and beekeepers)  this means swarm season! Swarming is a way for bees to propagate their species – by splitting one colony […]